Monday, July 25, 2005

The guy on the bike

My father is a bicycling enthusiast. He took up the sport 30 years ago after his doctor ordered him to get some exercise. It has kept him thin and young, and despite the installation of a heart pacemaker 22 years ago and its replacement last summer, as well as cancer treatment this past year, he hasn't slowed down much.
Earlier this summer his dream came true: with some friends, he took a cycling trip through Ireland. He has wanted to do that since his first trip there in 1980 when he was forced to see Ireland through the windshield of a rented van rather than from the seat of a bike.
Naturally he has been following the career of Lance Armstrong, also a cancer survivor. He is thrilled when Little Brother sees pictures of Lance in the newspaper and says, "There's Grandpa!"
Lance may have retired after yesterday's decisive victory in the Tour de France, but Grandpa will keep on rolling. He wore his own yellow jersey for his ride yesterday morning, and I'm proud and impressed at his commitment to the sport and his ability to ride 100 miles or more in a typical week.
Great job, Dad! And thanks, Lance, for inspiring even those cyclists who have been at it since you were on training wheels.


Smiley603 said...

Congratulations to Grandpa. So glad to hear that he is doing well and living his dream. What about Grandma?

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I think Grandma is bored with retirement! She does substitute teaching and a couple of college classes at the county college. Her dream is to open a bookstore. But progress is overrated....small shops can't compete with Barnes & Noble.