Thursday, July 28, 2005

DIY--or Don't!

DIY is not always a good thing.
Middle Sister's door and doorknob for her bedroom have been in bad shape for years....actually, since the spring of 2000! 2 years ago we were supposed to have her door replaced when we had a contractor in here doing other work. I bought the new knob, but the guys never did that job (never got paid for that job either). So yesterday I thought I'd change out the knob myself. Yes, the door was a mess but at least the knob would work. How hard could it be?
It took me a couple of HOURS to pry out the old knob which had been badly installed by the previous owner of this house. Then I had to use some wood filler in the giant screw holes. I waited 24 hours for the filler to cure. That was the easy part.
This afternoon I went back to try to install the new knob and discovered that the HOLE is 3/8 inch too small.
I took out the drill. MY drill. I got it as a wedding shower gift, at my request.
Well, the hole is big now.
Really big.
WAY too big for any doorknob.
Middle Sister will get her new door AND knob, and we won't be able to put that off for too long.
I hope that when Himself gets home from camp and sees the hole, he can also see the humor in the situation!
(Or, I could take the door off the hinges now, and get her one of those "beaded curtains" for the door, and we could wait another 5 years to deal with it!)

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