Sunday, November 20, 2005

Confessions of SFO Mom

I've been tagged by Jean.

I CONFESS that I am one of the guitar players at church! Before someone shoots me, though, I accompany a keyboard and a children's choir, and this morning we sang "All Creatures of Our God and King" AND "Come, Christians Join to Sing." Not a St. Louis Jesuits piece all morning!

I CONFESS that I just finished a nutritious lunch of half a box of "Cheese Nips" and some Pepsi.

I CONFESS that I buy more shoes than any one person really needs. Especially a Franciscan person.

I CONFESS that I regularly pilfer, pillage and plunder my children's stash of Halloween candy.

I CONFESS that I have the ability to carry a grudge for years and possibly even decades.

I CONFESS that I like to listen to "girl groups" in the car and sing along. Loudly. With the windows open.

And in related matters, I CONFESS to having the secret dream of being a "doo-wop girl." (Not one of the ones from Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love," either.)

I CONFESS to enjoying Robert Palmer's song "Addicted to Love."

I CONFESS to laughing when one Sunday my husband dressed Little Brother in pants that were way too big, and when Father called the children to the altar to say the Lord's Prayer together, Little Brother's pants fell down and all the kids saw his "Bob the Builder" underwear.

I CONFESS to making more pie dough than I need to every time I make a pie, so I can eat the "scraps" raw.

I CONFESS to taking a strange satisfaction in drinking Pepsi out of a Coca-Cola glass.

I am well aware that I still owe the Thanksgiving meme to Steve, and I promise that I'll get to it. I CONFESS that I've been putting it off, due to the hard feelings I am having toward the "powers that be" in my diocese right now.

I'm going to tag Steve at A Song of November, Amy at RC Mommy, and the Holy Fool for this one.


Rick Lugari said...

I confess that it is Robert PALMER who had the sexy black-clad background singers who assisted in him singing Addicted to Love, and that Robert PLANT was the singer from Led Zeppelin.

I confess that I find the whole Pepsi in a Coke glass thing really funny just because of the fact that we would even consider it some sort of remarkable hypocrisy.

I confess that it took a lot of guts to admit to being a guitarist in church. I can forgive you, but I'll never look at you the same way again. ;)

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I confess that I am absolutely terrible with celebrity names! But you already figured that out! It's fixed, now.

Hey, when I was Little Brother's age, my parents took us to the Children's Mass in the church basement of Our Lady of the Flower Children, where Simon & Garfunkel tunes made the hymnal (NO LIE--and I'm sure of the names on this one!) It's amazing I've come this far.

Rick Lugari said...

It's a good thing for your folks that the statute of limitations has expired for child abuse. ;)

Growing up in a liberal diocese during the 1970s I was catechised poorly and exposed to a lot of terrible things, but I shudder when I hear how bad some others had/have it. Be grateful that you didn't turn out to be a Unitarian!

A Holy Fool said...

I confess that I've known about this meme since you first published it! I will respond. I will! Mark me!