Monday, November 14, 2005

School Supplies

The Big Kids just ran to catch the school bus.

Middle Sister had a backpack filled with books, notebooks, and sheet music for her after-school keyboard lesson. From the looks of things, there is a good deal of "trash" in the bag as well, in the form of old, crumpled paper. After school we'll deal with that.

Big Brother had a backpack with a book or two, a novel he is reading (middle-schoolers in our school are required to carry a book to read at all times--a policy I wholeheartedly endorse), his lunch, AND Little Brother's plastic sword. All the essentials for today's swashbuckling eighth-grader!

He got about 10 feet from the front door when he realized that he was carrying an unconcealed "weapon" that the principal most likely would not admit into the building, and returned it to me.

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