Monday, November 21, 2005

Little Brother Brightens My Day

There's nothing like a 3-year-old to give you a laugh when you need it.

Just now he was flipping channels on TV, looking for his favorite show ("Hi-5.") He stopped at ESPN, and informed me, "Mom! Football's on!"
Me: "It IS?"
Little Brother: "Yes! But the Notre Dames are not playing. It's the green guys, and the Blues Clues helmet guys. The Giants are going to win. They're the best. Eagles can beat the Giants. Giants stink! Come and watch!"

Earlier this morning he was mutilating his favorite nursery rhyme:
"Dick, Dock, Dick, Dock....Dickory, Dickory, Dock, the mouse runned up the clock.
The clock SMASHED one, and down he did run, Dickory, Dickory, Dock. Dick, Dock, Dick, Dock."

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