Thursday, November 03, 2005


Cases like this are precisely why my family feels so strongly that we need local, committed, Catholic schools in our communities.
It's not that the public schools are substandard educationally, and that parochial schools are so much better--which I know is what the people in my neighborhood think. They have told us that we're nuts for paying to send our children to Catholic schools when the town schools are just fine.
It's that we want our children raised in the Catholic culture--in school AND at home. If there's going to be morality taught in the schools, and public schools do that, then we want to make sure just what morality is being taught. Obviously parents of public school children now have no recourse in such matters.


Steve said...

Thats it, we need to force California to secede from the Union.

Amy Giglio said...

That is so ridiculous. I'm no lawyer, but let's say I send my kid to Catholic school or I homeschool him and I don't teach him how to put on a condom. Can I get arrested then for endangering my child since the state seems to know so much more than me about raising my kid?

ugh. I am officially disgusted.