Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Devil is Dissing Me

Because it's Lent, after all. A holy season.

That means it's time for me, once again, to get all insulted because apparently the choir with which I sing is not qualified to participate in the parish's "big events." Like tonight's volunteer-appreciation concert. And last spring's merger Mass with the Bishop. And like next month's Easter Triduum.

Hey. We're not fabulous, but we're dedicated. I'm singing the same tune again and again. Because we are being told, again and again, that because of the instruments we play, we don't belong--we have not earned the privilege--we are somehow "less than" those who sing along to the noble organ.

I am SO well aware that there's pride involved. I am aware that I need to take this to Confession. Maybe that would help--a lot.

But I'd have to go outside the parish for that Confession, because the music director has told our choir in no uncertain terms that our best bet right now is just to shut up and go along with it rather than complain to the pastor. He's not fond of our music, and probably would like to pull the plug on us. So we are trying very hard to hang in there and learn an appalling amount of new music (3 new pieces per week, not including new Mass parts, is not unusual) and do all of this with a smile on our faces.

Our upcoming Penance Service is being held on the same night our choir practices, in a couple of weeks. Coincidence?

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