Thursday, March 19, 2009

Magically Delicious

Earlier this winter, Ellen and I took a trip out to Lancaster to meet Michele for some conversation and breakfast and conversation. We had a great time.

Before heading back to New Jersey, Ellen asked if I was up for a visit to a fabulous grocery store. How could I say no? I wound up buying all sorts of bulk food items at amazing prices: powdered buttermilk, shamrock sprinkles, dried basil, gummy penguins and a bag of those little marshmallows that you get in Lucky Charms cereal. You know, the kind where the kids eat all the "lucky" and you're left with nothing but a box of charms.

I've been thinking about what I can do with those little marshmallows, which I did successfully hide from the kids for this whole time.

Today I decided to make Rice Krispie treats with them. I put about a cup of them on the bottom of the wax-paper pan and then put all the Krispie "batter" on top, so when I cut them up, there will be cute little marshmallows on each one. Sort of like a marshmallow-upside-down cake.

I hid them in a different place this time, so hopefully I'll have enough left for another few batches.

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