Sunday, March 01, 2009

From my Inbox--a prayer request

One of my fellow Franciscans is keeping me updated on the 40 Days for Life project in our area. I do want to make it a point to get there during this Lent. But please keep the following in your prayers. This was forwarded from the local leader of the 40 Days for Life.

A pregnant lady just called me to schedule an abortion. She thought my website was the abortion clinic. She doesn't know how far along she is but hasn't had a menstration since Nov. I told her she can go get a free ultrasound at options. She said, well I already know I'm pregnant, I just want an abortion. I told her that her baby's heart is beating and that her baby feels pain immense pain during an abortion. She said, I know all that, I just want an abortion. So, I had to tell her we are not an abortion clinic. She asked what are you? I told her we can offer free pregnancy help or adoption. She slammed the phone down. Maybe God wanted her to call me to ask everyone to pray for her. The clinic will be closed until Tuesday. Please include her in your Rosary or Divine Mercy.

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