Sunday, March 08, 2009

Stuff That Happens When They Think You're Not Looking

You know how kids try to sneak stuff by you when you're not looking? Like, for example, eating a handful of chocolate chips from the pantry, or meeting some (ahem) extra friends at the mall who "just happened" to be there....

Well, the government isn't immune to tactics such as these. The fanfare happens when it's all done and too late to change.

Tomorrow the President will enable innocent unborn lives to be ended so that their stem cells can be used for scientific experiments. EVEN THOUGH adult stem cells are proven to be more useful and more effective treatments. And oh yeah, they're morally LICIT. Because nobody is KILLED to get them.

And in Connecticut, there's a measure on the table that would allow the state government to put Catholic pastors out of their jobs. (H/T to Paul Kravitz on facebook)

We wouldn't let our kids get away with sneaking things by us. We shouldn't let the government do it either.

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