Monday, March 23, 2009

My email to Father Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame

Father Jenkins,
I wish to express my disappointment that the University has invited President Barack Obama to speak at Commencement this May.
In the two months that he has been president, Obama has done much to undermine the prolife cause, and promises more along that line. He has appointed pro-abortion Cabinet members, some of whom profess to be Catholic; in fact, his vice president is a pro-abortion Catholic.
As a Catholic university, Notre Dame has a serious responsibility to avoid scandal. And it is indeed a scandal that President Obama has been invited to speak at Commencement and will be honored with a degree from the University. There is no need for Notre Dame to invite and honor anyone who does not live by the ideals of the Church that founded the University. Any Catholic university should bend over backward to find interesting commencement speakers who can truly be an example for the graduating students--speakers who live by the principles of their Faith.
While it has been customary for the University to host a sitting president as a commencement speaker, it certainly is not compulsory. Hosting a political figure and honoring that person with a University degree implies that the University condones that politician's beliefs and considers that person worthy of honor.
I believe that Notre Dame can do much better than this. Reserve these honors for those who truly live by the ideals upon which the University was founded.

Barbara Szyszkiewicz, M.A. 1988

AND I would like to call attention to this comment by my good friend and sister-in-Francis, "SFO Girl":
Consider this then as an opportunity for him to be UNDER THE DOME of Mary. If everyone exchanges the outrage to prayer(after letting ND what they think), perhaps his transformation will begin. Even if only one committed Pro Life Catholic is present and dedicated to his conversion of heart...a difference will be made. Pres. Obama is not surrounded by people of life. Under the Dome ...Mary is in his face and He is under her feet. He will be transformed. Jesus listens to His Mother.Let the prayers begin!

What a great reminder! Exchange the outrage for prayer.

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