Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stand Up, Stand Up, for What You Believe In!

(Kudos to Veggie Tales for a great tune with an important theme!)

I've been following the story of Katelyn Sills, a Catholic high-school student who was expelled after her family challenged the school's hiring of an abortion clinic escort as the school's drama teacher.

This young woman and her family have gone through a lot because they have stood up for what they believe is right. Katelyn has a blog with a lot of information and she has also been interviewed at Western Alliance.

H/T to De Civitate Dei for the links.
Read it! And keep in your prayers: Katelyn and her family, for the strength to fight the good fight, and Loretto High School and Catholic schools everywhere, for the grace to follow the truth that the Church teaches.


Der Tommissar said...

But does the "Forgive-O-Matic" implicitly mock Confession? No one at Big Idea ever gave me a definitive answer.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Tom, I think the "Forgive-O-Matic" only mocks the bad concept many people have of Confession, not the true nature of the sacrament.

Steve said...

Hmmm, Whilst I can see how this really seems unfair, Id have to ask for the other side of the story as well, you know? Maybe the Father is a big, imposing guy, I know at 6'3 and 280 lbs that I'm a pretty imposing guy and make people nervous sometimes. Maybe the Vice Principal felt kind of threateened without it truly being implied you know?

It certainly seems to be the opposite,and I'm not saying the family is telling stories -nothing like that even crossed my mind- but maybe theres something here that we cant see for whatever reason.

As an officer in Knights of Columbus, I just hate to see it when our Religious get accused of things, and think they deserve a chance to dispell rumors and or accusations, you know?

I'll keep my eye on this.