Thursday, January 05, 2006

...And More Tags!

Elena at My Domestic Church, apparently unspooked by my previous attempts to explain my weirdnesses, has tagged me for the 5 Weird Things Meme.

So I figure I'll stop talking about the little idiosyncracies and go for the Big Stuff. In other words, why do many of my neighbors (and some of my family members) think I'm weird?

1. Big Daddy and I send our children to Catholic school, which is a sacrifice in more ways than just financial ones. Add to that the fact that we live in a town where the public schools are considered "better than adequate." How dare we not send our children there? The horror!

2. I'm a Secular Franciscan. It's been implied that some people interpret that to mean: "I'm a religious fanatic."

3. My family attends Mass every week, and the Big Kids and I participate in liturgical ministries. Church is not negotiable. It's just "what we do."

4. I don't believe in signing up my three-year-old for 17 activities. He attends an occasional 75-minute "playschool" session at the local high school, and we try to get to Story Time at the library. He does not participate in Tee Ball, Travel Soccer, Gymboree, Suzuki violin or any of that. He's quite social, thank you, since he's with me when I volunteer at the Big Kids' school twice a week. And being 3, he's active enough!

5. We still have our Christmas tree up, and (gasp!) it's after the New Year!

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Kathryn Thompson said...

These seem strangely "unweird" to me. I wish my tree were still up.