Friday, January 27, 2006

Worst Kids' TV I've Ever Overheard

This morning Little Brother turned on Noggin. We get lots of new channels now that we have satellite TV, and it's been quite educational for me. I've discovered just how much boys of all ages like "The Army Guy Channel," for example. But I digress.

I was having my breakfast listening to the following dialogue, spoken in a low, slow, comforting female voice (the teacher, I guess.)
"Children, I have something very special to show you! First, let's turn out all the lights!"

At that point, there was nothing to stop me from shouting, "What are you watching?"


Tell me that your mind is no farther from the gutter than mine is....but I was eavesdropping really carefully during the rest of this program.

Just in case you're wondering, the teacher showed them all how to make "shadow puppets" with a big flashlight.


Anonymous said...

yeah I think we all live in the gutter most of the time; it just takes something as innocuous as Miffy to prove the point. I hate Miffy, mostly because of the dang "same game." The whole premise of this revolves around "who has MORE?"---and the goal is "we have the same, we have the same. Maybe it's just my beef, but why do we need to encourage kids to focus on "who has more? or less? or the same? I suppose the alternative is existential, as in "Let's play, Who CARES who has more." blabbing away here...sorry.

Jennifer said...

We don't have noggin channel but have a similiar channel Treehouse. It is geared to preschoolers and toddlers.

My youngest watches it in the mornings while I am doing housework for a bit. Other than that she doesn't get to watch t.v. alot. (If it wasn't for me needing to watch law and order I would cancel it. LOL)

Some of the shows I don't feel are appropriate so you are right to pay attention.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Miffy...I love that cutie bunny.

For a minute, I thought you'd stumbled across The Proud Family on Disney. (UGH!) It comes on after Kim Possible, which I actually let my kids watch now that they're older. The kids are not rude to grownups, the family loves each other and sticks together, they always beat the bad guys, and Kim has that really great hair. (Is it weird that I wish I had hair like a cartoon character?) But there are so many shows that you just have to wonder about!! It's such a shame!