Monday, January 23, 2006

March for Life

Today is the March for Life.
I was only able to attend one March for Life: in 1991, right after we returned from our honeymoon. We spent the day being encouraged and getting good advice from the many good people who traveled with us from North Jersey to Washington, D.C.
By this time in 1992, I had a newborn: Big Brother, only a few days old.
Next year Big Brother will attend high school, and I know that the school sponsors a bus to the March for Life. I pray that he will be on that bus.
Today is a day when I will try to put aside my own little troubles and remember the very big trouble that abortion has been for our society and our world.
I will pray for the women who are contemplating an abortion, that their hearts will be changed.
I will pray for those who have already had abortions, that their hearts will be healed.
I will pray for strength for all who fight against abortion and the idea that any human life is "expendable."
I will pray for those who work in the abortion industry in any capacity, that they may see the evil that abortion truly is.
And of course, I will pray for the little souls who have been lost to this evil, though I am certain that already God is holding all of them in His arms.


Jennifer said...

I will say a pray for it today also. Canada is having an election today. I pray the party that gets in changes the laws we have here and puts an end to the carnage.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...


The March was wonderful. This was only the second year I've been able to attend. By the time I knew about it, I had moved from New Jersey to Florida. I couldn't afford it then, and when I was able to, I had children. When I moved to Virginia, one of the first things I realized was that I would be able to go to the March! My wonderful husband stays home for a Daddy day (DON'T call him Mr. Mom!!) so that I can go.

Hopefully, we will soon have no March for Life, but a March for Victory! (And wouldn't a nice May or September decision make it even nicer when we start having those?)

God bless you all.