Thursday, January 26, 2006


That virtue I am supposed to be working on this year is Gentleness.
Good thing I have all year, because I have really blown it this morning--and it's still early.
The biggest problem is, I think, that my first answer is always "no." If I could just short-circuit that process, things would go much more smoothly. But noooooooo, I have to jump right in with that, and then wind up fighting with the child (or husband) who has asked or suggested something.
I also don't deal well with interruptions. Put it all together, and I blow up at Little Brother, who wants me to get him some strawberries when I am trying to put a load of dirty laundry in the washer.
I calmed down. I apologized, and I got him a nice big bowl of strawberries. Then I prepared the rest of them, so that when he wants a refill, it will be easier for me to get it done. None of this was hard. So why can't I do it right in the first place?

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Kathryn Thompson said...

I'm working on the habit of saying "yes" all the time to my kids.

Can I have some cookies?

Yes you can. What a good idea. We'll have them right after dinner.

Can I ride in a hot air ballon?

Sure. You just need to get a little bigger and save some money first. For now, let's draw a picture of the one you want to ride it.

It actaully works sometimes.