Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's Cool Watching Kids Learn Stuff

Little Kids think in funny ways.
When they're babies, they don't understand the concept of "object permanence" so they think that every person or thing that leave their sight is gone forever.
Thankfully, they outgrow that pretty quickly.
But preschoolers are famous for, while on the phone with someone, pointing out something they made or built or drew or colored that day, or something they see out their own window.
It's always good for a chuckle from the person (normally a grandparent) on the other end of the line--and from the parent who overhears only one end of the conversation.
Today, though, Little Brother showed that he's gone past that stage now. I was on the phone with my mom, and he wandered into the room to show me that he had helped himself to a handful of Goldfish crackers.
Nannie: "Let me talk to him....Hi! How are you? What are you eating?"
Little Brother: "Goldfish."
Nannie: "Can I have one?"
Little Brother: "But you're not HERE!"
Cool! He gets it!
He later demonstrated just how much he gets it--as he wandered around, informing me that the video he had chosen to watch after dinner is "good for boys, and girls, and you can watch it too, but Nannie can't, because she's not here...."

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