Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Today's Miscellaneous

First and foremost, please continue in the Novena for the Unborn. Via A Catholic Life. Since this novena is not related to any specific feast in the Church, you can start it ANYTIME! Or you can just keep it going forever. And what better cause than the defenseless unborn, who cannot pray for themselves?

On to other matters which, while certainly less critically important, nonetheless occupy my mind...

Moneybags, I will get to your meme soon! That is, just as soon as I THINK of some New Year's Resolutions to make! Actually, in the past few years I have put off making New Year's Resolutions until my SFO Fraternity meets to conduct our own Extraction of Saints (like the Patron Saint Project but specifically Franciscan saints). At the Extraction we receive not only the name of a saint to study and even emulate during the year, but also a virtue which we should try to cultivate. So I've been making that my New Year's Resolution since becoming a Franciscan.

I'm feeling pretty down about the beating the Irish took at the hands of the Buckeyes--and the referrees--yesterday. I had a little chat to this effect with our kids' school principal, an OSU alum and former football player. Of course, he saw things differently. Our major disagreement concerned a certain FUMBLE RECOVERY FOR A TOUCHDOWN that was later (and quite wrongly, I might add, in my absolutely not-objective-in-the-least opinion) ruled an "incomplete pass." Things weren't pretty in the SFO Mom household last night. But today I'm over it. Really. As long as none of my kids wears anything red for a while, things should be fine.


Anonymous said...

Meh. ND lost and thats it.The way I saw it,the Refs were in lineost for tat play, if not the rest of the game. They didnt call a few HUGE penalties on Ohio State.

Anonymous said...

SFO Mom,

As a Notre Dame grad and former resident of South Bend, I just want you to remember that, in the end, winning the game would have been awesome, but it is how we comport ourselves on the field - as a whole team where every member is valued; with dignity and pride in our school and our performance; and with class and grace - that makes ND a winning team regardless of the record.

On an unrelated note, it is bizarre how much you are like my mom. She is also Polish, a Secular Franciscan, a ND football fan (who is thrilled that her daughter gets into the ticket lottery every year), and a mom (obviously). Uncanny!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

ND Envirochick, I'm a ND grad myself and I know firsthand about the class and grace that is displayed on & off the field. That's what makes ND so special. I'm just a sad football fan right now. LOL!
And to think that when I started there, I had never gone to a football game in my life and knew nothing about the sport!
I'll take that as a compliment that I am like your mom, because she raised you, and it looks like she did quite a good job there. But I cannot claim to be Polish--I married into that nationality! I'm actually mostly Irish, and have a maiden name that was easy to spell AND pronounce.

Anonymous said...

I like that idea about cultivating a virtue of a saint. I think I'm gonna have to pick a saint at random and do some research and start working on the virtue. That is truly a wonderful practice.

Anonymous said...

SFO mom, I can spell and pronounce your last name just fine!

I grew up in South Bend, so my whole family are sporting fans. My mother, who still lives in SB, still goes to hockey, girls basketball, and baseball games (I think she's a season ticket holder). Now I am teaching my latest graduate student (I am a college professor) about ND football. Her favorite player? Jeff Samardzija (a Polish boy - I'm so proud!) She still doesn't understand the game, but she's an enthusiastic cheerer, so I can't complain much.

Yes, I did mean it as a compliment that you remind me of my mom. I was NOT an easy child to raise... but I got better! (grin)

As for ND football, there is always next year...