Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogging from Vacation

We didn't take a vacation from the laptop. Good thing, too, as it turned out--since the weather here has been pretty crummy. The kids have played with Legos, played cards, had video game tournaments; we've read books, we've watched Rudy (which really got me into the mood for some ND football!), we've gone to the beach when it wasn't raining, and tracked the flooding on Sunday when it was raining!

Going through the careful process of packing for vacation this year opened my eyes a little more to the benefits of simplicity. I refused to bring along anything that I didn't think would get used at least twice, except for everyone's church outfit. And I tried to make sure that we brought the minimum we needed to get through the week without sacrificing fun. (It IS vacation, after all!)

But having only the minimum here means that cleanup is easy and clutter is lessened.

It makes me wonder: can I achieve the same thing at home?

I don't know if it's because we're away from home, away from the usual and familiar, or because we often go on vacation during this last week in August and my mind is naturally in "new school year" mode, which is even more of a spur to me to get organized and get a fresh start than January 1 is, but I often spend a good amount of quiet time on vacation with my planner, making charts, making plans, thinking out routines.

I hope the same momentum stays with me when we go home.

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