Saturday, August 05, 2006


I gave in.

I let my teenager start his own blog.

Yes, Big Brother has entered the Blogosphere. Apparently he's sworn off the use of apostrophes, which drives me, the former English teacher, more than a little crazy. The kid qualified for Honors English class, but refuses to use an apostrophe.

But anyway. That wasn't really the point here.

I had to remind Big Brother about what is, and is not, OK to publish on his blog. Mostly he just wants a place to display the graphics he's creating with his graphic-design software, and since it's easier for me (and everyone else) to view his blog than keep opening up emails with his latest creation, I agreed to it.

In addition to the standard Parent-to-Child Internet Safety Discussion, I made myself a Team Member on his blog. I promised him that I would not Mess With His Blog unless he put something there that shouldn't be, and that I'd check it often.

I also set up comment moderation on his blog, and I'm the moderator. (insert Evil SFO Mom Cackle here) If a comment is left, I see it first, and I decide if he gets to see it at all.

And I have to admit that there's a bit of a selfish motive here. Big Brother is really good at figuring out how to get stuff done on computers. I figure I can benefit from his eagerness to experiment with templates, and pick his brain. He already taught me something in the first 5 minutes that he had a blog!

I'd love any input on anything else the MOMerator should be doing to protect his blog safety.

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