Monday, August 14, 2006

What Little Brother Did...

...while I was otherwise occupied with music at Mass yesterday.

He didn't want his children's missal that I had brought for him. It has pictures. Instead, he required a hymnal. It has no pictures, and he can't read.

He tried out several identical chairs in the choir area.

He required the use of a Music Stand for his hymnal, even though no other vocalists used one. A good bit of noise ensued when he moved the Music Stand to his chair of choice, and then his next chair of choice.

He sang along during the "Alleluia."

He decided that the Music Stand he had chosen was not good enough, so he dragged and clanked it back to the Music Stand Storage Area, and picked an identical one to drag and clank back to his chair.

After Mass, he used a liberal supply of holy water to bless himself. I noticed that he had done the "Holy Spirit" part of the blessing before the "Son" part so I told him that we would do it again, together. Before we could do that, though, he had to reload with more holy water--he dipped both hands into the font. His head was quite wet after all that blessing. A friend of ours stopped us to chat on our way out the door, put her hand on top of his head, and said, "Why is his head wet?"

My reply: "Um, he's a little Extra Holy today...."

Later in the day our SFO got together at the newly-elected Minister's home for a picnic. They have a pool and all the kids had a great time swimming. Little Brother had been out of the pool for a while, and was dry, but then he wandered over to me and I saw his wet hair. I asked why his head was wet, and he said, "I blessed myself. REMEMBER?" I'm not sure if the pool or the koi pond was his "holy water font" of choice. I'm not sure I want to know, either.

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