Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What Not To Wear

It's one thing to think this about myself.

But when I discovered that Middle Sister asked Daddy to sign me up for What Not To Wear....Oh. My. God.

My ability to keep a sense of humor about my lack of fashion sense, and lack of caring about it (beyond basic "is it neat, clean, does it fit, and am I wearing something blue, because I ALWAYS seem to be wearing SOMETHING blue?")--well, that's all gone right out the window.

And I am hurt.

I've already been thinking for a few days now, that Middle Sister is suffering from "The Grass Is Always Greener Syndrome" after spending time with her cousins. She would rather have their mom than me. More permissive, more indulgent, and way more fashion sense. AND she wears MAKEUP.

And that show is just cruel. I have watched it with her. The Fashion Nazis openly and gleefully mock the Clueless Ones. They aren't gentle and kind. They are RUDE. I always wind up feeling sorry for the victims.

She doesn't know that I found out about this.

She doesn't know that even at age 10, she has the power to make me feel like I'm back in 7th grade. Let's just say 7th grade wasn't that good the first time around. I don't need or want to do it again.

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