Monday, August 21, 2006

A Little Perspective

So I've ranted and raved about my daughter and her commentary on my (lack of) fashion sense.

And this morning I read that one of the other moderators on my favorite online forum is having much more trouble with her daughter than I.

She has posted recently about conflicts with her 18-year-old daughter. She also has three other (younger) children and is expecting a baby in December.

Last night this young girl was involved in a bad car accident, and now has head trauma and 2 punctured lungs. She may need brain surgery but that decision won't be made just yet. K's younger children start school next week, so it will be a tough juggling act while the big sister is in the hospital.

Makes all that fashion stuff seem really little and petty, let me tell you. I only wish that it didn't have to happen to make me realize just how petty it is.

Please join me in praying for K's daughter, that God may bless her with a speedy and complete recovery.

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