Tuesday, August 22, 2006

School Supplies

Sarah has a wonderful post today about school supplies.

I know just what she means. Every August I go through it too. I want new pens, new notebooks, all of that great stuff that signals a new creative beginning. And I did get a new pair of scissors when I took Middle Sister for her school supplies, because my scissors had gone missing, and how else would I cut coupons?

But what I'm really drooling over this year is a new planner. There's nothing that says "new beginning" to me like a new calendar. It's like a New Year's Resolution. The possibilities, in all those blank calendar pages, that aren't scribbled over with errand lists and school-bus-pickup times and reminders to make dentist appointments. And while I like the planner I have now, there are things about it that just don't work for me. With all the 16-month planners that were hanging around Borders last weekend when I had my Coffee Break, I was very tempted. I had my gift card with me, containing enough cash-equivalent to buy a planner if I wanted it, but I didn't get one this time. I'm trying to curb my tendency toward aquisitiveness, and I've still got 4 months on the planner on my desk.

Instead, I'll satisfy myself with my new scissors and "free with coupon" cool new pen. And I'll spend the next few months researching planners, so I can use that gift card for the best choice for me.

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