Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Mourning

Wigilia was a little subdued this year. We felt the absence of one branch of the family in a particularly deep way. Uncle Stanley passed away Saturday morning after a long illness. We are comforted to know that his suffering is over and that at long last he has been reunited with his beloved wife and other family members in Heaven. But we will miss his hearty laugh, his ready jokes, and his treasury of family stories and even a few tall tales. Luckily for us, he passed those gifts along to his two daughters.
We viewed old photographs, and the hostess of the party gave each family an ornament covered in pictures of each family member. There were few dry eyes among the adults as we all looked for Uncle Stanley on our ornaments, and told stories of past Christmases featuring our family patriarch--most of which centered on a particular comfortable chair.
Rest in peace, Uncle Stanley. May perpetual light shine upon you, and may you have that comfortable chair in Heaven!


Steve said...

Many blessings,prayers and condolences from your friends on the other side of the mason/dixon line abound.God bless, and if you need to vent, you know where I'm at. Pax et Bonum,vivat Jesus

Julie D. said...

May he rest in peace and may all of you be comforted.

I'm so sorry for your loss.