Saturday, December 31, 2005

Go Irish!

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MUST-SEE TV in the SFO Mom Household:
Monday, January 2

NOTRE DAME vs. OHIO STATE in the Fiesta Bowl!

I have already informed my family that I am going to be parked in the comfy spot on the couch to watch this game, and that there will be a change in the dinner plan. No WAY am I making any chicken piccata when I can be watching ND football. This dinner is going to have to be something I can do in the Nesco and forget about!

Big Daddy suggested: "Why don't we just take the kids to a sports bar, and watch the game there?"


Steve said...

Did you see the plug for "ABC" they had? I heard about it on the radio this morning; People held up cards that said "ABC, Anti Buckeye Catholics".

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Actually, I am ashamed to admit that sometime during the 3rd quarter I got fed up with ABC's obviously "slanted toward OSU" coverage, and then when the referees called that OBVIOUS FUMBLE an "incomplete pass" I was out of there before I started throwing things. I figured it was better to let my kids see a fair-weather fan than a violent one.