Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's a Girl Thing

The policing of children's church wardrobes is a daunting task when you have girls in the family.
Boys are easier. Khakis and a golf shirt or sweater, and you're good to go.
With girls, it's a whole other ball game.
This morning Middle Sister carried her purple sweater and blue jeans into the bathroom.
Me: "No jeans for church unless it's snowing."
Middle Sister: "But I'm not in choir today..."
I suggested that she replace the jeans with her black pants or her denim skirt. The last I saw, she had opted for the black pants. Very "Advent," with the purple sweater.
After her shower she paraded down the stairs in her denim skirt, boots, purple corduroy jacket (so far, so good--but nothing of what she had planned on) AND a pink and white T-shirt with letters on it.
I nixed the T-shirt and suggested two other tops she owns that match the outfit.
Now she's wearing a different top under the purple jacket.
It's light blue, almost lavender.
It does not match, but it's appropriate for church.
I do not have another battle in me. Unless she changes AGAIN in the next 3 minutes, that's how she's going to church.

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Amy Giglio said...

I don't have girls, but I do get to police the Confirmation attire for the 8th graders. I'll tell ya, some of the stuff they thinkis appropriate for Church, let alone for Confirmation, is mind-boggling.