Saturday, December 03, 2005

There was nothing in that prayer about sticky floors

And that's just what I have. A sticky kitchen floor.
I have kids. My floor is sticky. Those things pretty much go together.
But since my kids are all (extremely) verbal I figured I'd ask them what they'd spilled, so I'd know what I was dealing with when I get around to mopping.
Me: "Did someone spill in the kitchen?"
Middle Sister: "Yes..."
Me: "What did you spill?"
Middle Sister: "Apple juice...we wiped it up..."
Me: "Thanks for wiping it up. But when you spill juice, you need to let me know, because the floor gets really sticky. I was sticking to it just now."
Middle Sister: "WOW! Is your shoe still there?"
Me: "It WOULD be, if it weren't TIED TO MY FOOT...."
I'll go get that mop now.