Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Rejoicing

Today's homily (I was actually LISTENING!) centered around the story of a failing monastery whose abbot visited a holy hermit, only to learn that Jesus Christ was actually living in the monastery, disguising Himself as one of the monks so no one would find Him out. Once the monks learned this, it was only a short while before they began treating each other much more kindly, praying much more fervently, and really rejoicing in the truth that Christ has brought to the world--and the monastery began to attract new monks and inspire the laity.

I wonder what would happen if we ALL treated each other as if someone we met might actually be Christ in disguise. Certainly nothing but good could come out of that.

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Steve said...

Thats why I always give money or help cheerfully to people, even those guys with the "will work for food"signs, you never know who they might actually be. Though Igotta admit, it stings a little to give to them after Katrina.