Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm sure you all think I'm weird enough ALREADY...

but Steve has tagged me for this "5 weird things" meme....I'll try to think of new idiosyncracies since I've done this one before. In fact, Steve, I tagged YOU last time!

So here you go: Just How Weird IS SFO Mom?

1. If I'm awake, I'm wearing shoes. I have a nice pair of slippers that my in-laws gave me for Christmas last year with a new robe. They're hardly used! I put on a pair of clogs in the morning and wear those around until I'm dressed, at which point I'm in actual shoes.

2. If it's below 45 degrees and I'm outside, I'm wearing gloves. My fingers like to be warm.

3. I'm absolutely obsessive about "repeating" clothing, to the point where I will look through old pictures of Christmas Eve celebrations to make sure I don't wear the same thing again. I also go through this every Sunday for church. When I was teaching part-time, I actually KEPT A LIST of what I wore every day, so my "Tuesday" students wouldn't see me in the same outfit 2 weeks in a row. Like first-graders would notice, or care.

4. If the cookie or candy is shaped like a person or an animal, I always eat the head first. The same goes for "Peeps."

5. I have this irrational need to be "first." Remember when you were a little kid and you'd race with your siblings to get to the car, and yell, "FIRST!"? If Big Daddy and I both drive to church because he is running late, and I have to get those of us involved in ministries (music, altar server) there early, we have a race to get home, and I will admit to some road behaviors on such occasions that I normally do not engage in. On Christmas, he actually let me pass him ON OUR STREET so I could be first in the driveway. That's true love.

OK, am I unbalanced enough for you?


Anonymous said...

It wasn't until my husband pointed it out, that I realized...I eat the rear-ends or the legs, of all animal and human shaped cookies, first.

Jean Heimann said...

That's hilarious, Epiphany!


I enjoyed your post -- it was enlightening and quite funny. You forgot to tag someone or mention who you tagged.

God bless,

Steve said...

I suppose loss of memory cant be chalked up to a weird habit, can it? Sorry Barb, I do recall now that you tagged me,but I am totally bereft of my meory at this time.

Can I use my boys driving me insane as an excuse?

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Sure, Steve. I use that excuse all the time. And since I have 3 children, I'm probably more insane than you.

Steve said...

Have they done this though?

Last night,I was giving the two of them a bath, and the phone rang. It was a woman from a band I'm trying to book for a hurricane relief party in February, so I took the call. the boys played in the bath, and as time went by,I realized there wasnt any playful splashing going on anymore, but rather,a loud KERSPLASH!!

I went to see what they were doing (I was out in the hall way 3 feet away) and they were climbing from the bath, over to the top of the toilet and leaping into the bathtub.

I asked them what on God's green earth they thought they were doing, and Boudreaux says: Were just swimming Daddy!".

Jean Heimann said...


I posted the answers to this meme over on my blog.