Monday, February 27, 2006

I Picked a Winner

By the time Big Daddy got home tonight I was pretty wrung out. It had been a busy day, with grocery shopping, volunteering in the lunchroom, taking the car to Walmart for an oil change and doing the Walmart shopping, then trying to keep Little Brother occupied in a tiny waiting room while the car was being serviced, putting away groceries, picking up Middle Sister at her keyboard get the idea--just a regular "Mom's never home" kind of a day.

After we ate our dinner, without being asked, Big Daddy decided I needed a break and he would take all the kids to Friendly's for an ice cream treat. And before they left, he made sure Middle Sister knew what I'd want them to bring back for me.

So now the dinner dishes are washed and I'm getting ready to iron the school uniforms and Big Daddy's shirts for work. I'll work on that until I'm distracted with some delicious ice cream.

I am a Very Lucky Wife.

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Anonymous said...

He is definitely a keeper!