Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kudos are in order

I'd like to give a big shoutout to Dan at Faithmouse for making the decision to become a "100% Kid-Friendly Site." If you haven't visited this prolife political cartoon blog, you're missing out.

Here's the reason for the change:
"I've decided, following my trip to Washington, that I have a
responsibility not to link to material which isn't child friendly. Most
of the links were to sites critical of the cartoon and which routinely
employ adult language and pictures and/or are outright hostile to
Christianity, and some were to faithmouse fans who's sites aren't
necessarily geared towards children. I've removed these links so that
younger people won't mistakenly come across material to which they
really shouldn't be exposed. In my quest to create dialogue and to
welcome those who might not agree with my point of view I've forgotten
that it's the job of adults to protect children; as a card carrying
adult I need to accept that responsibility and do a better job of it."

Dan has generously offered his cartoons free of charge to readers of Faithmouse. I'm proud to display one in my sidebar.

As a "Card Carrying Parent of a Teenager And 2 Younger Kids" I appreciate Dan's going the many extra miles to make good political commentary--and good example of standing up for your beliefs--available to people of all ages. I'll be directing Big Brother to this site to see the treasure of good stuff that's there. At 14, he can appreciate what he'll find, both for its cleverness and its conviction. And he'll be supported in his beliefs.

Great work, Dan! And thank you.

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