Thursday, February 02, 2006

We have met the enemy, and it is an appliance!

Today's Household Mission was to Banish All Toys from the Living Room. It had reached critical mass in there, and I'd had enough. And it's not like there's no place else to play with toys.

You'd think that with only one child home during the day, that this would be an easily-achievable goal. Well, actually, if you're a parent, you probably wouldn't think that. You'd know better. And you'd understand why I was hardly surprised to discover that Little Brother had imported some toys back into the room when I moved along to put something away in the basement.

I came back upstairs to find that there is now a line of Big Army Guys (about 5 inches tall, but the kind molded in place just like the Little Army Guys), in formation, set up along the threshold between the living room and kitchen. Weapons are aimed at the dishwasher.

I have news for these Army Guys: if they mess with my Maytag, there's going to be trouble.

Little Brother has invented and constructed a "bow and arrow" out of Tinker Toys. It's a quite clever device, that actually "shoots"--and he's mowed down the entire army that were threatening my labor-saving device.

My hero!

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