Monday, February 13, 2006

L is for Little Brother

Little Brother will be 4 soon. Since he won't be going to formal pre-K next year (just the "playschool" program which is basically arts and crafts, and sometimes gym) I have started spending a little time with him each day, just going over letters and stuff like that.

Today we did L, the first initial of his name. He's happy to know how to write it, since it's HIS letter, after all!

I gave him some paper to write on in case he wanted to come back and write more.

Then I found him scribbling all over a valentine he got from his grandparents. And then, "Look, Mom! I made an L! (long pause) On the TABLE!"

Me: "Hey, I like your L! But on paper, not the table."

Little Brother: "I like L's on the table."

We then proceeded with a lesson in "removing marker stains from the table."

1 comment:

Amy Giglio said...

You've really got to thank God for washable markers. ;)