Monday, February 06, 2006

The Music in my Head

Steve at Song of November has just given away his secret soundtrack for housecleaning motivation.

I figure it's the least I can do to chime in here. However, my taste is a little less exotic than Steve's. But whatever works, right? At least the dishes get done.

When I need a good energy boost to get a housework chore done, I turn up my "Sister Act" CD. I like to use the Program feature, so I can pick and choose the music I want to hear. That means that in a single half hour, Whoopi will belt out "Rescue Me" at least 3 times. Love those Girl Group tunes! They must be played loudly, and I'm compelled to sing along, equally loudly.

Of course, this is unbelievably embarrassing to my Big Kids. But embarrassing my Big Kids is, after all, part of my job--maybe not as important as getting the floor mopped, but I'm sure it's in the job description somewhere.

I'd like to look for a "real" Girl Group CD with some upbeat tunes, so if you have any recommendations, please use the combox.

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