Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sleeping with the Silverware

One of my Big Kids went around the house last night putting spoons under each pillow. Apparently a few years ago, a rumor went around on the school bus that if you put a spoon under your pillow, the next school day would be a Snow Day.
I found two spoons under my pillow last night--possibly because we'll have to get through Sunday first?
There is no end to the techniques children will employ in the hopes that they'll make a Snow Day happen.
One morning when, despite full silverware deployment, school had not been canceled by 7:20, Big Brother (dressed in his uniform, fed, and ready to go) ran to his room saying, "I need something!" He returned with the directions for the Divine Mercy Chaplet and got down on his knees. "My teacher said last year that this has never been known to fail."
I told him that the Divine Mercy Chaplet is a prayer, not a lucky charm, and handed him his coat, lunch, and backpack as the school bus pulled up outside. However, I was impressed that (1) his teacher had introduced the children to the Chaplet; (2) he had kept the directions; and (3) he could locate them really quickly.

The spoons must have done some good, because there is a Two Hour Delay tomorrow. Yes, the Big Kids are happy about this. (Me, not so much--there's a good chance that the bus might not show up. That means I become the Substitute Bus.)


Kathryn Thompson said...

Ha HA! Nice work big kids!

Jennifer said...

Well I have enough missing spoons I am not sharing this one with my dk's. Good thing it's not suppose to be in the couch, because that's where all my spoons are and we'd never have school :)