Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Snowball Effect

I seriously underestimated my ability to do a small project and keep it small.

I walked into the kitchen with the intention of moving things that do not classify as Things You Can Drink a Beverage From into a different cabinet. All the cups, mugs, sport bottles and glasses were being crowded out by vitamins, tea bags, and packets of cocoa mix, not to mention one of Big Daddy's outdated prescriptions, a bottle of fiber supplements and a large packet of lactose-intolerant Little Brother's calcium supplements.

Before I knew what was happening, I found myself wiping up some grimy shelves in another cabinet, tossing out half-packets of Ramen noodles and some other things that I think we moved in here with in 1998--and completely forgetting that I needed to get things started on dinner, or we'd be eating past Middle Sister's bedtime.

So I managed to rein myself in, fetched a needed ingredient from the basement, started preheating the Nesco and finished up two of the cabinets, promising myself that I'd tackle the other two tomorrow. Bonus: all my Coffee Stuff is in one place, for Easy Caffeine-Addict Access.

I am now left to wonder exactly what recipe required the unopened bottle of Adobo seasoning that I found way back in there, and how long ago I bought it.


Philothea Rose said...

i need to do that in my kitchen.

i think the spice industry should sell individual servings for those recipes you will only make once a year and really don't need a whole bottle for.

Anonymous said...

too weird--I sometimes feel like we're living paralel lives. This happened to me just yesterday. You start with cleaning out the spice cabinet, and voila, all of a sudden all the pots and pans are sitting out in the middle of the kitchen floor. and YES (I completely laughed out loud) I too happened upon a jar of Adobo seasoning, unopened, which I had bought for a fish recipe I was going to eventually make, 2 summers ago. Halibut I think. Anyway, if I find the recipe I'll send it to you.

Kathryn Thompson said...

One cupboard at a time. That's what I say. I have a goal to do one drawer or cupboard every day.

"Oh, but you'll run out," you think.

No. Because by the time I finish them all, the ones at the beginning will be whining for me to start on them again. Organization is so fun.