Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Fast--Not Fast Enough!

It kind of grosses me out that my kids enjoy the occasional can of Chef Boy-ar-dee ravioli. I make my own spaghetti sauce which they happily eat. So I'm not sure what it is with their craving for the canned stuff.

But when it's on sale, I pick up a couple of cans and keep them in the pantry for days when they're extra hungry after school.

Days like--today.

I wasn't paying much attention when Middle Sister used the microwave. There weren't any screams or anything, and Big Brother was in the middle of a long story about something that happened in his history class today. But Big Brother saw what she was cooking.

"Ooo, Chef Boy-ar-dee! If there's any left over, it's mine."

That got my attention. "Who's having Chef Boy-ar-dee?"

Middle Sister said, "Me!"

"You're not supposed to eat that today! It's got meat in it!"

Big Brother thought about that for a second. "I doubt if there's any real meat in there, Mom."

All these years of Catholic school, plus what we do at home, and the idea of Meatless Friday appears to be a new concept. I think it's time to get the kids more involved in the menu planning!

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