Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sick Day

Middle Sister is sick today. We thought she was coming down with something on Sunday, and yesterday morning she had a fever, so no school for her. Her other symptoms sent us to the doctor who said the strep test was negative. (I've been burned before. Bet we go back on Thursday and find out she really has it, but was checked too early).

One of the blessings of (a) being a homemaker and (b) having a husband who is understanding about the sorry state of our house on days when routine goes out the window, is that I can work things around a sick kid's needs. I was all set, last night, not to go back out after all the errand-running that happened yesterday (Big Brother missed the school bus, Little Brother had playschool, Middle Sister saw the doctor, then we had to pick up her homework and pick up Big Brother after his honors placement exams, then pick up medicine for Middle Sister) since it was so cold. Then it occurred to me that she probably wouldn't be feeling much better tomorrow, so after dinner I took my shopping list and went off into the frozen tundra to hit the supermarket for the weekly shopping, including her favorite juice.

Today, I don't have to go anywhere if I keep Little Brother home from school--until it's time to pick up her homework and get Big Brother. I can stay here and keep my daughter in the nice warm house, with a cold drink of juice by her side, and a warm blanket over her feet. I can make her hot soup for lunch and let her monopolize the remote-control for the TV. My neighbor has already offered to run an errand for me today if I need her to!

Routine is good, and I like my routine. But I am thankful that my situation allows me to dump it when my children need me to. Pretty soon, she'll be feeling better, and go back to school, and it will be back to the regular routine for me and Little Brother.

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