Friday, February 02, 2007

With Real Foaming Action!

Little Brother has been feeling pretty independent this week. He's been demanding independence, actually--but at the same time requiring companionship in the bathroom and a family member within sight. I guess it's all part of that almost-fiveness he's got going on.

He's been begging me to make myself scrambled eggs for lunch every day, so he can crack the eggs. If he had his way, I'd eat about a dozen a day. He's just getting started on that egg-cracking fun when I stop him at two. (I get to eat one and a half, and wipe the rest off the table, his hands, and the floor. He'll do better with more practice).

And he's developed quite an interest in helping to clean the toilet. This is an interest I do NOT want to squash, since I know full well that when Little Kids become Big Kids they no longer think it's fun to do such chores. So I let him shake the "powder" (Comet) into the bowl and swish it around with the brush.

Today while he was hard at work, voluntarily cleaning the toilet, I was rummaging around for something in the linen closet. He called me: "Mom, come see how good I did! The toilet is really clean!" By the time I got there, the toilet was full almost to the seat with thick white foam. It looked like the Scrubbing Bubbles had had a party in there.

"How much powder did you USE?"

"I only shaked a little bit in there and then I scrubbed it a lot!"

No kidding. I think I must have the cleanest toilet in my whole area code. It was really impressive.

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Erika Marie said...

Hey Barb! Thanks for sharing this on the CM Facebook page last week. I love it! If only I could borrow his enthusiasm!
Take care - Erika