Saturday, November 10, 2007

Great Links!

Lisa at Catholic Mom Moments tipped me to "Ten Simple Ways to Make Your Home Prayer Friendly." My home could stand to be more friendly, for sure.

With Advent coming along faster than I'm ready to think about it, O Night Divine is a wonderful resource. I found this one partway through Advent last year, and too late to do some of the activities. Maybe this year I'll get to make the super-cool Advent wreath. Complete with photo instructions, this is a lovely project. Middle Sister could probably do most of this on her own.

I ordered my new planner for 2008. I am SO impressed with these planners. I've been using them since June and this is the longest I've actually hung in there with the same planner, much less ordered one for the next year. The pages are super-heavy duty, so if you like to use gel-ink pens like I do, you won't have any ink leaking through. Plus the planner fits in my purse (even my small purse!) And a percentage of all profits through the end of the year go to Lily of the Valley Orphanages.

The other night we watched Evan Almighty. I was reluctant, having seen--and hated--Bruce Almighty. The good news is, this movie was much better, and way more family-friendly. I particularly liked the scene where "God" appeared to "Evan's wife" in a restaurant and helped her understand why her husband was doing what he was doing--sacrificing his ambitions and reputation in order to follow God and change the world. Ultimately, the movie had a positive message.

Gone to Confession lately? TwoEdgeTalk's podcast this week is on the topic of Confession.

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