Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pancakes, Cans and Bad Attitudes

This morning the Boy Scouts are collecting non-perishable foods for "Scouting for Food" after all the Masses at their sponsoring parish--an event that helps many, many people who really need it.

Big Brother had a really bad attitude this morning, didn't want to wake up, and was apparently nasty enough to TheDad that he was taken home and sent back to bed.

Middle Sister and Best Friend were apparently up very late last night and they're fairly reluctant to wake up this morning so we can all attend a Pancake Breakfast at our parish--an event that is both a fun gathering and a way to help stock our local food pantry, as each guest at the breakfast is asked to bring a food-item donation. "Why do we have to go so early? Why can't we go later? Why do we have to work around the Boy Scouts so the whole family can have breakfast together?"

So the Big Kids are cranky and nasty. They're not very willing to help others today. They're not even very willing to enjoy a nice breakfast with our family and friends from church.

One thing's for sure. Little Brother will not be missing his pancakes. But as for the others, they may find TheDad and me a little less willing to jump today when they need a ride to something they want to attend. We might want to put our feet up and rest--especially TheDad who is fighting a cold, but is out there on this chilly, rainy morning to help the Boy Scouts load donated food into a truck.

I hope that by the time they wake up, they will have better attitudes. Hopefully, so will I, because I'm pretty angry right now.

I think my Big Kids need a good lesson in Cheerfully Helping Others.

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