Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things You Worry About When You're 5

Little Brother was looking through his pile of school papers that have come home this week. (At the end of the week we put it in a drawer in his room, and I secretly "weed out" some things.) One of the papers was from his religion book, and he noticed that the blank spaces, usually for "draw a picture" assignments, had not been filled up. He asked me what it was for, and I read the directions. "This is a place to put a picture of your family and tell why you love them."

It was really a place for a photograph but Little Brother decided he wanted to draw people in that space. But it was not a large space, and he still draws things large. So after he drew his brother and sister, he was out of room. He worried about this. "Mom, if I don't draw everybody, does it mean I don't love them?"

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