Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just Me and My Buddy

Sounds like the title of a "Little Critter" book, doesn't it? Well, that's fine. I've always been a sucker for Little Critter. He's so cute! And so real!

This morning I'll be going grocery shopping with my own Little Critter (Little Brother, that is.) His school is closed today, Middle Sister's at a friend's house and Big Brother is in school. That's amazing in itself, since his school closes at the drop of a hat.

I enjoy grocery shopping and I particularly like it when I get to do that job solo. I enjoy making my list, checking it twice, finding the right coupons to match with the sales and making sure everyone will have some favorite thing to enjoy when I get home.

But today when I told Little Brother that we had to do some grocery shopping, he was happy. "Can I get a donut?" he asked.

And that's when I realized that I really do miss his company in the store. Sometimes it's nice to have a Little Critter along, especially when he has chocolate-donut icing on his nose and chin, and he's singing the alphabet song all the way down the canned-goods aisle. Maybe our favorite cashier will be working--the one whose grandson shares his name with Little Brother. If she is, we'll definitely get into her line.

Maybe I'll get a donut for myself, too.

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