Friday, November 30, 2007

Time to Prepare

Yes, I am spending time today preparing for a season of preparation. That kind of boggles the mind, but I'm the mom, so it must be done.

Today I am making our annual Advent Chain. I've already located the Advent wreath and the manger scene, and I have them ready to make their appearance on Sunday.

So on my desk right now you will find:
a December calendar so I can plan it all out before making the chain
Pink and purple construction paper (good thing Advent is short this year because there's not too much purple paper. I'll have to make skinny links.)
A big pile of books--lots of important resources:
The Catholic Home
The Bad Catholic's Guide to Good Living
Catholic Family, Catholic Home
Usborne Christmas activities (the foil crown would be great for St. Lucy!)
Advent, Christmas and Epiphany in the Domestic Church (this book is great and if you don't own one, you really should invest in it. The background information, activities and recipes are fabulous!)

I work a little out of the books and a little out of our own family calendar. We decorate the house in stages and those activities are part of the Advent chain, as well as special treats on St. Nicholas Day and St. Lucia Day. There will be some opportunities for "doing good for others" and some time for just plain fun. I think I enjoy making this Advent chain as much as the kids enjoy the daily activities.

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