Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Extreme Laundry Makeover

I've found some interesting stuff in the laundry over the years, including
ID cards for work, school, and activities
library cards
a good deal of money (I do try to find owners of bills, but any CHANGE is mine!)
Game Boy cartridges, which still work even after going through a wash and a dry
the inevitable crayons

But this morning I knew I was in trouble when I opened the dryer where a load full of white things awaited me. There on top of the lint filter was a little pot of hot-pink lip gloss. It's not my color, and Middle Sister's white hoodie was in this load of wash, so I know where it came from.

I also know where it went. Her hoodie has a few giant splotches of pink, as does one pair of underwear. There are a few small spots and streaks on socks--no big deal. Little Brother's white sheets are a bit marked up. I'm rather impressed that the most-ruined item belongs to the person who left the lip gloss in her pocket. In my experience, it almost never happens that way.

Unfortunately, these stains have been through the dryer. For all I know, they happened in the dryer. So I may not be able to get this stuff back out.

I guess when I go to the library for tutoring in a little while, I'll be taking a few minutes to see if there are any book on how to remove makeup from laundry. And if I find any ideas, Middle Sister will be helping me undo the laundry makeover.

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