Sunday, March 16, 2008

Background Music

I have a hard time praying when there's noise in the background--especially music. It's very easy for me to get drawn into the music I'm hearing. With our home's rather open floor plan, there's no way to escape the sound of the television and still remain in a nearby room.

This morning my little early bird, Little Brother, is having his breakfast and watching Veggie Tales. I was about to settle down with Morning Prayer when the music started.

How am I supposed to pray when "Barbara Manatee" and "The Dance of the Cucumber" are serenading me from the other room?

"Silly Songs" and Liturgy of the Hours are NOT perfect together.

UPDATE: I went and sat in Little Brother's room so I wouldn't wake TheDad by turning on the light in our room. Wouldn't you know, Little Brother followed me in there. I told him I couldn't say my prayers with "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps" playing, and he said, "But that's over! Now it's the Cebu!"

As if the Song of the Cebu is any less distracting.

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