Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My name is Barb and I'm a homebody. I can leave anytime I want to, but I don't usually want to.

I like being home. Is that so wrong?

Today I was away from home for 7 straight hours but never more than 5 miles away. I tutored one student from 10 to 11:45, ran to McDonald's for a quick burger and fries, tutored another student from 12:15 to 1:15, drove over to Little Brother's classroom to help celebrate his teacher's birthday, then went to the supermarket for some rolls, grapes and pepperoni (lunchbox essentials) and from there went to a clothing outlet where I found a few fantastic bargains on short-sleeved shirts for Middle Sister. Then it was back to school to get the younger 2 kids and bring them to their dentist appointment. I got home just before 5.

I am paid quite nicely for all that tutoring, but there was just too much going on in this day. I'll have to make sure that future sessions aren't stacked up quite so closely.

And let's not forget all the housework that SHOULD have gotten done during the day. There's no energy left to do that now. I'll get dinner on the table and the dishes cleaned up--then I have to make up a test for tomorrow's tutoring session!

Only 13 weeks until the end of the semester, and only 5 weeks in which I'll have to work 8 hours instead of 4. I can do it....I can do it....but I seriously wish my students could come here for their tutoring. Because I just like being in my house.

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