Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's NOT About the Eggs

...or even the Peeps.

Those are all fun, and we enjoy them, but they're really not the reason we celebrate this day.

They're not the reason we all gathered last evening and watched Big Brother light the Easter fire. How cool is THAT? Big Brother's Boy Scout troop is charged with building the Easter fire this year for the parish. Let me tell you, Boy Scouts know how to build fires. This was no wimpy little flame. People had to back up when this fire got going.

One thing I missed this year at Easter Mass was the empty tomb. Above is last year's tomb. We've had one like it in our parish as long as I've been there, and probably for much longer than that. But there was no tomb this year; no place to pause after Mass and reflect on the wonderful gift we remember today.

Father Tom, OFM's, homily for the day is here.

Father Martin Fox's homily for the day is here.

Father Daren Zehnle's Easter Vigil homily is here.

Father J.C. Maximilian's homily is here.

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