Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who's Visiting the Bird Feeder?


This week I've seen a huge increase in the number and variety of birds visiting the feeder outside my front window. Since I moved it away from the lilac bush, the squirrel hasn't been able to jump onto the feeder and empty it. But there have been plenty of birds:
blue jay
purple finch
mourning dove (they eat what drops on the ground)
robin (not at the feeder, but in the yard)

And I've heard the mockingbird singing, but I haven't caught sight of him yet.

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Jan said...

Saw your comment on Jean's FB page re: squirrel proof feeders. The ONLY one that is TRULY squirrel proof (and I'm in no way connected to the company...I'm just a garden blogger!) is the Droll Yankee 'Flipper'. It's battery (if kept charged) keeps the squirrels away because even if they do happen to find a way to get on it, they are swiftly thrown off. I have 3 of them. I probably should write to the company and get credit but, I only recommend it because I really like it;-) It's a bit more expensive thought...over $100, but well worth it in my opinion!